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Design projects?
I roll up my sleeves and get them done.

Not my actual forearms.

I roll up my sleeves and get it done.

Not my actual forearms.

As a designer I do many things. I design branding, illustration, information graphics, responsive websites. I draw. I paint. I’m a photographer. I put things together. I put people together. I lead teams. I make things.

As a web developer I am of the front-end persuasion. I design and build Wordpress websites. When I work with developers of the back-end persuasion I work in Zurb’s framework, Foundation. I bring the best practices of User Experience and User Interface to all my projects.

As a web development manager I lead creative teams of designers and developers that create outstanding products by providing vision through hands-on application and demonstration. I build well-coordinated teams through the careful hiring of creative people with a spectrum of skills capable of creating digital products in an ever-evolving technical field.

As an artist I draw, paint, and photograph the world around me. There is beauty no matter where we look. It's all around us. I do my best to capture that in a variety of mediums.

I bring over 25 years of experience in digital design and publishing to everything I do.

I am currently the Creative Director for The National Cancer Institute. Out of all the storytelling work I have been involved with throughout my career, this may be the most rewarding. Creating awareness around cancer and cancer research is a critical step in helping patients and researchers battle a disease that took 595,690 lives in 2016 alone.

My involvement with Ballantine Communications,inc. began as a design consultant in 2009. Since that time I have designed new products such as dgomag.com, doradomagazine.com and 4flagtv.com. I joined the company full time as Vice President of Design & Development in January 2013 . Under my leadership I have built a Ruby on Rails shop that tightly integrates project management, front-end and back-end development for rapid deployment of new digital products.

I began my career at The Washington Post where I spearheaded the use of desktop publishing and multimedia. I went on to become Design Director for WashingtonPost.com, and launched their first website in 1995. I then joined USA TODAY where I served in a variety of roles, from Senior Web Designer to Director of Design and Innovation. While at the Gannett company I was the recipient of several awards including USA TODAY Employee of the Year, Gannett Innovator of the Year, Gannett Awards – Public Service Journalism – Use of Integrated Media, Silver Award-Barlett & Steele Awards for Investigative Journalism, and the Associated Press Media Editors Association Digital Storytelling and Reporting Award,among others.

Additional skills include motion graphics, video editing, photography, fine art, and voice over work.

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Case Study: DGO

In 10 weeks my dev team and I extended our NewsCycle CMS into our own Rails application, and designed a new local entertainment guide.

How we did it
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Case Study: DGO

In 10 weeks my dev team and I extended our NewsCycle CMS into our own Rails application, and designed a new local entertainment guide.

How we did it



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Responsive Web Design

Interactive Graphics

Video Motion Graphics

User Experience Design


Social Media


Creative Direction

Web Development

Graphic Design


Visual Design


Motion Graphics

Voice Overs



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News Media


Digital & Print Advertising

Content Marketing





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After Effects





Creative Direction

Final Cut Pro X

Brightcove Video




IDEO process

Agile Development

Google Analytics

Base Camp


Places I've worked

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The Washington Post

As an art director in The Washington Post's Marketing Promotions department, I spearheaded the transformation from manual production of print products to digital design and prepress. I then began my journey into multimedia, creating the first interactive sales applications. I explored new ways to package the News in a digital format.

Prior to the Internet, when newspapers were exploring digital media, I became the Creative Director for Digital Ink, The Post’s first venture into subscriber based digital news delivery. By 1995, Digital Ink evolved into Washington Post Newsweek Interactive. I was named Design Director and lead the design team that launched the first washingtonpost.com website.


Advanced Laser Graphics

ALG was a center for digital pre-press technology, multimedia production, and design software training. I served dual roles for the company. I was the Creative Director of the multimedia studio and the Training Division Manager. We specialized in training graphic designers who were new to desktop publishing and multimedia.


IDEV was a boutique web agency with clients including Playbill, McGraw Hill, Stuart Weitzman shoes, and others. I served as creative director until the company was purchased. My responsibilities included meeting with clients, developing and presenting creative strategy, design, and leading a team of 5 designers.



USA TODAY is Gannett's flagship newspaper. I started as a Sr. Web Designer for USAToday.com but served many different roles including platform design, multimedia content creation, and creative management..

My 15 years in the newsroom provided a front row seat to the newspaper industry’s transition from print to digital delivery of content. I have seen the cultural shift that takes place when journalists who's main mission in life is to ’get the paper out’ collide with journalists who don’t read a paper at all.

When you’re in the middle of the shift you learn a lot about communication, collaboration, and compassion. It was here that I cultivated the broad range of skills that I possess today


If you would like a copy of my resume please download it here.

'86 '95 '95 '96 '00 '01 '13

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