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Chuck Rose
Design Executive

I lead creative teams of designers and developers that create outstanding products. I provide vision through hands-on application and demonstration.

I build well-coordinated teams through the careful hiring of creative people with a spectrum of skills capable of creating digital products in an ever-evolving technical field.

Photo: "The Studio" at Ballantine Communications, Inc.

Case Study


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Case Study: DGO

A tabloid, a website, a new publishing system, and a 10 week deadline walk into a bar...

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I am a design executive, designer, photographer, videographer, and artist who loves the outdoors.

If you would like a copy of my resume please download it here.

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  • "Look deep into nature,
    and then
    you will understand
    everything better."
    Albert Einstein

  • "In all things of nature
    there is something
    of the marvelous."

  • "The best thing I can do
    when it's raining
    is let it rain."
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow