Adventure Pro Video Graphics Pack

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Adventure Pro Badass Rockclimbing

The team and I are working on a new Adventure Pro website. will launch mid March, 2016. The site is filled with stories and video about outdoor adventures in the Southwest. The content team is doing an excellent job of producing exciting how-to videos on all kinds of activities like Skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and many others.
As part of the redesign the videos are getting a facelift as well. Here is a sample of the graphics pack I developed in Adobe After Effects and Apple’s Motion. The sample contains a bumper, title intro, lower third, a bug, and a sponsorship opportunity. The video team will use this library of assets in the production of future videos.

Great audio can really sell the imagery

Graphics are not the only thing to consider when putting these packages together. Sound means a great deal to how your audience engages with the video. The music you use means a lot, of course. But the polish comes with the use of sound effects. In this case, just enough to convey the feeling of energy and power. Listen for the ‘Power Swooshes’ as the graphics enter and leave the screen.

More Adventure Pro to come

I’ll be writing a post about the site redesign in the near future. Please stay tuned.