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The Responsive design for 4tvnetoworks.com


You have developed two sites and two brands that reach different local audiences. You have been told for months that the business plan doesn’t rely on the two sites overlapping and that there will never be a need for an over arching brand to be a home, for what will hopefully be a growing family of brands, dedicated to local coverage in different cities. But the business needs a website to direct potential advertisers to. But we only want one site. Not one for each brand.

Now you have a problem. You can’t park the page on the either of the websites. You need a new URL, and the advertising page must be branded with both sites so the sales staff only has one site to keep up with. AND IT’S NEEDED TOMORROW! I’m not kidding about the last part. And, it has to be responsive design, and work in all the major browsers.

Wha, wha, wha… Deal with it.


You find out that the company bought a bunch of possible URLs way back at the beginning of the project before anyone knew what the products were actually going to be. Ureka! We owned 4tvnetwork.com. Turn the project around in 24 hours.And that’s what we did. To expedite matters we used WordPress to build a simple one-pager site. My team had the hosting and domain set up within a few hours. Now it was my turn to design something over night that could be presented the next day at a sales meeting.

We had some sales research available. (Content always comes in handy when you’re trying to design something.) And I had access to photos that we had used on the previous versions of the site.

After a lot of custom CSS, and video editing,  the site was up the next day, ready for the presentation.

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