The McNatt Farm

The McNatt Farm: A Man Needs to See His Land

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The McNatt Farm is nestled into the peninsula between the Maryland mainland and the ocean. I was there to do an arial survey of the fields. It was a cloudy late spring day and the corn was only a few inches high. It was around 7:00 am. There was a sweet breeze and the threat […]

Animas Valley

Sunset on Animas Valley

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A great sunset is an amazing thing. Especially when you look at it in ‘Earth Time’. That’s what I like to call my time lapse photography. When we look at the earth in “Human Time” you get a real sense of how alive the planet is. It breathes like we do. It lives like we […]

Mesa Verde

Getting Drenched at Mesa Verde

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I knew it was coming. I purposely drove 50 miles to a place I knew was going to be pummeled in rain. The place was the first scenic overlook you encounter upon visiting┬áMesa Verde National Park. Don’t let ’em fool ya. You don’t have to drive much farther. It’s one of the grandest views the […]

Molas Pass at midnight

Time lapse; Jet Cars and Mountaintops

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It’s about midnight and I am looking for a time lapse… I’m sitting in my rental car in one of those scenic overlooks that you find on many highways in Colorado. I love this particular place because it’s accessible by car and the views are beautiful in all directions. Molas Pass. About 5 miles south […]