graphics pack in the making

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Honestly, I haven’t had time to write this case study yet. But I will. Check back for background on how Ballantine Communications,inc created .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }

Adventure Pro Badass Rockclimbing

Adventure Pro Video Graphics Pack

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The team and I are working on a new Adventure Pro website. will launch mid March, 2016. The site is filled with stories and video about outdoor adventures in the Southwest. The content team is doing an excellent job of producing exciting how-to videos on all kinds of activities like Skiing, mountain biking, hiking, […]

DGO Homepage

Case Study: DGO

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Durango, Colorado is in a state of change – and in the midst of a State that is changing rapidly. I’m VP of Design & Development at Ballantine Communications Inc. which publishes three community newspapers, and the majority of telephone directories in the 4 Corners area. Most prominent of the newspapers is The Durango Herald. It’s […]

Draft Profits Responsive Design

Draft Profits Logo and Website Design

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Draft Profits is a business that installs and maintains draught systems for restaurants and bars. They wanted an overhaul of their branding and a redesign of their website. The company not only installs and maintains these systems, they offer consulting services centered around getting the most profit from a keg of beer. This prompted the […]

DGO Magazine Responsive design.

DGO Rate Card

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Most publications that want to make money use advertising to do so. The DGO website is no exception. Each site I design and build requires an advertising page for the sales department to use before the site is launched. After all, you don’t want to debut your site with nothing but house ads. Check out the […]

DGO Splash Page

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On October 29, 2015 Ballantine Communications will be launching a new weekly tab and website. DGO is for anyone looking for the edgy side in and around Durango. They are interested in the entertainment and cultural scene and ways to spend their free time with arts, music, books, food, beer, wine, marijuana and local events. It’s a […]

The Responsive design for

4TV Network Advertising Page

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Problem: You have developed two sites and two brands that reach different local audiences. You have been told for months that the business plan doesn’t rely on the two sites overlapping and that there will never be a need for an over arching brand to be a home, for what will hopefully be a growing […]

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4 Corners TV gets a make over. The new site showcases all the shows in a new and improved design. Watch your favorite shows like #Durango or #Farmington with ease as each show has it’s own page, with trending episodes, roll over video descriptions and easy to share buttons. When marketing budgets and production schedules […]

Dorado Magazine Responsive design.

Dorado Magazine

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DORADO Magazine
 embodies the diverse spirit

 DORADO celebrates the region’s

 the creative individuals
 who flock to its SMALL TOWNS,
and the thrill-seekers who come
in search of ADVENTURE. You can check out the site here:

Where the jobs are

Where the Jobs Are

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In today’s economic climate it’s all about the jobs, and more importantly, where they are. This graphic let’s you visualize job growth and decline over the past two years, and projections for the next two years by sector.