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Sometimes you can work on a logo even before the name of the product is decided upon.  How do you decide upon a name? What URLs are available for your product? Does the name even have to make sense? Look at Google, Trivago, or Hulu. These names are not descriptive of their products, but we all know them well.

And sometimes you get lucky and find and available URL, that actually could be descriptive. But is it describing the right thing? Such was the case with this branding experiment when we were searching for a name for the product that has now become Adsperity; a mobile ad creation and analytics tool.

I actually love this logo. It’s bold and to the point. But the wrong point. The name and mark were more fitting for the newspaper CMS that my team and I are developing, than it is for making mobile ads.

This is why we experiment. To not only find the right answer, but to know what the wrong one is.